About me

I am quality focused IT Professional with numerous international certifications in IT Infrastructure includes Server Administration, Storage Networking, Internetworking, Virtualization, IaaS Cloud Computing, Network Security and IT Infrastructure Designing. Working as a Senior Trainer & Consultant for Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, CheckPoint, Fortinet, Citrix Solution and for education and Corporates. I also often work with clients directly on their network, providing one-on-one analysis of their own Cisco Networks. This then allows them to deal with the configuration and maintenance of the Cisco devices by themselves going forward. I have provided many successful deliveries for clients in Cisco Training, Network Design, Installation and Optimization. Each client, whether SMB, enterprise, finance, government or military organizations present their own unique network requirements.

What i do

Training, Consultancy & Solutions Designing on

Modern Data Center Technologies & Components


Practical Training on Servers, Networks, Storage SAN, Virtualization, Cluster, Load Balancers Security & Data Center Technologies..

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Consultancy for Corporates, Universities, Schools, Colleges & Government works projects as needed..

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Designing Dynamic and Scalable IT Infrastructure Solutions which reduces existing Infrastructure cost and TCO of an Organisation.. read more... More Details

My Experience

12+ Years of an Experience in Various Domains includes Servers, Networking, Wireless, Security, Virtualization, Storage, Cluster Computing and Data Center Networking 

Working as a Senior Trainer & Consultant for Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, CheckPoint, Fortinet, Citrix Solution and for education and Corporates. I also often work with clients directly on their network, providing one-on-one analysis of their own Cisco Networks. This then allows them to deal with the configuration and maintenance of the Cisco devices by themselves going forward. I have provided many successful deliveries for clients in Cisco Training, Network Design, Installation and Optimization. Each client, whether SMB, enterprise, finance, government or military organizations present their own unique network requirements.

I give training and consultancy solutions on Servers, Storage, Virtualization, Wireless, and Data Center for SMB, Enterprise, Campus level organizations. Most of the Data Centers are based on Heterogeneous Environment includes various components like Routers, Switches, Storage, Email Systems, Load Balancers, Firewalls, IPS, UTM, and NMS, Racks, Power Equipment from multiple vendors.

Routing and Switching, Security with Firewalls & UTM, Data Center, Virtualization, Storage, and Server Technologies are at the core of my knowledge. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to be able to transfer this knowledge to my students. I’ve been working as a Cisco Routing and Switching, Security & Designing Trainer (CCSI # 33575) since October 2010 & Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT # 3250339). As I have been working as Corporate Trainer & Consultant for (Network, Security, Servers, Virtualization, Storage, and Data Center). In addition to teaching over these last few years I feel I am able to enhance my students learning experience, by teaching real-life examples and best design practices in their courses, on top of the core class material.

Every well designed network needs a strong network Planning, Security, Maintenance & Configurations policy in place. Therefore it is critical for network support staff and engineers to understand how to properly implement best-practice in the networks that they protect and want to run smoothly. There is nothing better than running a little question session the morning after a training day and seeing just how much everyone has learnt.  Working as a Cisco & Microsoft Certified Trainer, It feels good to pass on the knowledge to industry and students that it taken me years to gain myself. 


My Achievements

MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer)

I am Microsoft Certified Trainer and I am very much proud of it. I became a MCT in summer 2007 Due to my MCT, I have the support of great community leaders and trainers worldwide, who help me constantly to improve in what I do. I have tremendous respect for Microsoft Certifications, and I do have many of them which Includes MCSE 2003 Messaging & Security, MCITP Server & Enterprise, MCITP Virtualization, MCITP Messaging, MCSA 2008, MCSA Server 2012, MCSE Charter Server 2012, MCSE Charter Private Cloud, MCS System Center & Hyper-V. I constantly try to take more of these. Every time, a new certification is announced, I make sure to add it to my list of existing ones. As a Freelancer MCT I teach many Microsoft Products & technologies Generations out of which some products have already completed their end of life cycle like Windows Server NT, 2000, 2003, Exchange Server 2003 & 2007 etc. Apart from above I teach latest Microsoft technologies includes Windows 7,8 & 8.1, Windows Server 2008 & 2012 Cloud OS, Systems Center Suit (Virtual Machine Manager, Data Protection Manager, Operations Manager), Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (FTMG),  Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 & 2013, Windows Storage Server 2008 & 2012 as a NAS & SAN with FC, FCoE, iSCSI, Microsoft High Performance Compute Clustering etc.   

(CCSI) Certified Cisco Systems Instructor

As a Cisco Trainer & Consultant, i am able to bring the knowledge, skills and experience needed to Design, Configure and optimize my clients Cisco Networks allowing them to meet their frequently adapting network needs. I had started my Cisco Career in 2000 and achieved first Cisco Certification CCNA in 2003. After that in Next 5 years I have achieved various Cisco Professional level Certifications in Routing & Switching, Security, Service Provider track which includes CCNP, CCSP, CCIP, CCNP Security. Along with these certifications I have completed Associate & Professional Level certifications CCDA & CCDP in Designing Track and recently completed my CCIE Data Center theory Exam. I truly enjoy being a Cisco Instructor (CCSI) and to transfer knowledge. This is the top of the Cisco trainer heap, and also happens the be the first certification Cisco created, even before the vaunted CCIE came on the scene. The exact date is difficult to pin down, but probably 1992 or 1993. The CCSI is the most well-known Cisco trainer credential and is highly respected in the IT field. , I’ll briefly mention my experience.  The CCSI certification process is called the Instructor Certification Program (ICP).  On Day 1 of my ICP, I completed a Cisco configuration lab.  I would say it was a CCNA-CCNP level lab.  On Day 2, I presented a module from the ICND2 course (I chose WAN Technologies).  That was the entire process.  I received useful feedback on presentation skills from both the proctor and my fellow candidates.  


My Education

Master Degree in Computer Science (M.Sc.)

Having a great interest in Computer Science and IT, I pursued a M.Sc. degree in Computer Science. There were many subjects in the course curriculum of M.Sc. but Data Communication & Computer Networks, Information Security, Operating System Architecture were the subject of my interest.

I had started my Networking Journey in 1998 when Internet was new. At that time I was aware with Windows NT Server & Workstations, Domain, Router, Switches, Bridges and Firewalls, Emails, Crawlers & Search Engines etc. To date, my love of learning continues as I continue to venture deeper into new areas of IT like Virtualization, Dynamic Data Centers, Storage, Security that excite me. Not a day goes by that I don’t learn something meaningful in IT. However at the end of the day, it is my inner knowing that directs me the most. The more I stepped into the fullness of my being and learned to trust my inner guidance, the more I realized that everything we need to know really is within. We simply have to remove the obstacles that obscure it from our presence.


There was a time in my life when I highly valued formal education, and thought it was a necessary part of life. Today, the tables have drastically turned. While my formal education path served me well and was an integral part of my work and career choice, I have seen enough to know that more often than not, it is what we learn and apply in our daily life that is most influential on how intelligent, knowledgeable or wise we are. No degree, diploma or certificate can compete with inner wisdom. Only with an Experience person can learn this.

I offer expert level training classes with

Eligibility: Freshers, Networking Engineer, Systems Administrator, IT Engineer, Tech Support Engineer, Technical Manager, Datacenter Admins etc.

I provide professional consultancy and customized solutions on

I help my client to Migrate or Transform their existing Networks, Servers or Infrastructure with
New technologies on Virtualization, Data Center and Software Defined Networking (SDN) to
Reduce the OPEX (Operational) and CAPEX(Capital) Cost of IT Infrastructure.

IT operations are a crucial aspect of most organizational operations for business continuity; it is necessary to provide a reliable infrastructure for IT operations, in order to minimize any chance of disruption. To run IT operations (24 x 7) smoothly all companies and organizations build their Data Centers which is the hub for everything you offer the business, it is used to house Computing, Storage, Networking along with redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls (e.g., air conditioning, fire suppression) Security and Telecommunications components. Employees, partners, and customers rely on data and re- sources in the Data Center to effectively create, collaborate, and interact. The heartbeat of any organization is in the data center but the Operation Cost of Traditional Data Centers is very high in terms of OPEX & CAPEX Cost.

My Certifications

Along with MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) and CCSI (Certified Cisco Systems Instructor) I hold 25+ Certifications includes Microsoft Charter for Server 2012, CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker), MCSE2012x2 (Server & Cloud), MCSE2003x2 (Security & Messaging), MCITPx3 (Server, Exchange & Virtualization), MCS-Hyper-V & Systems Center,  VCP5-DCV, CWNA, CCNA, CCNPx2 (Routing/Switching & Security), CCDA, CCDP, CCSA, CCSP, CWSP, ZCNSA, FCNSA.

My Specialization

Experienced technology strategist and business professional with a proven record of producing industry-leading, innovative yet cost-effective enterprise solutions. Extensive business and technology background coupled with broad multi-vendor project experience provide a mature perspective for strategic technology and architecturally sound global business information systems. A multi-disciplinary leader and team builder with experience in the following technology areas of Servers, Networking, Security, CDN Solutions, Data Center, Virtualization & SDN Solutions:


  • Routers (Cisco 7200, 7600, 3800, 3600, 2800, 2600, 2500, 1800 Terminal Servers: 2511, 2509).
  • Cisco L2 Switches  (2900), L3 Switches (3500, 3700).
  • Hardware Firewalls Cisco Pix/ASA Firewalls (515E,  5505, 5510), Cisco IOS Firewall feature set (IOS 12.X).
  • Software Firewalls Like Microsoft ISA Server 2000/2006, Kerio WinRoute
  • UTM’s  like Fortinet UTM  FG80CM, Zywall USG 300,  CyberRoam
  • Ethernet (Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet) , FDDI
  • Designing Internet  Routing Architecture Solutions for ISP & Enterprises with EGP Protocol  (BGP4)
  • Designing Loop Free Redundant Enterprise Switching with L2 & L3 Switches (STP, PVST, PVST+, MST etc.)
  • Designing Enterprise Switching VLANs, QinQ, IVR over single or Multi Location Based Enterprise.
  • Implemented QoS using FIFO, Weighted Fair Queuing, Priority Queuing, Custom Queuing.
  • Implemented SNMP on devices to allow for network management.
  • Implementation of Everest Server for network management.
  • Implemented traffic filters using Standard and Extended access-lists, CBAC, Distribute-Lists & Route Maps.
  • Implementation of UDP Protocols HSRP, DHCP, DNS, FTP, TFTP.
  • Implementation of Microsoft Windows Client Platforms ( 98, 2K Professional, XP, Vista, Windows 7)
  • Implementation of Microsoft Windows Server Platforms ( 2K/2K3/2K8/2K12)
  •  Windows Server Solutions (RIS, WDS, IPv4 & IPv6 DHCP, DNS, WEB, FTP, NNTP, RAS, VPN etc.)
  • Designing  Active Directory Solutions for Large Enterprise Networks (Single & Multiple Sites)
  • Messaging Solutions with Exchange Server 2K/2K3/ 2K7/2K10 for single &  Multi-location based  Enterprises
  • Collaboration Solutions with Microsoft NetMeeting, Office Communication Server & Communicator
  • Designed and implemented Microsoft remote dial up solution for clients
  • Designing a Windows Terminal Services Solutions with High Availability for an Enterprises
  • Deployment of  Server, Network & Application Virtualization with Hyper-V & Virtual Server 2005
  • Implementation of Redundant & Fault Tolerant Routing & Switching Networks for Data Center
  • Implementation of IDS, IPS & Anti-X (Antivirus, Antispam, Antispyware etc.) services for Networks
  • Design a Biometric and Access control solutions for organizations
  • Designing  Internet &  Intranet Solutions for SMB, Enterprises & Corporates
  • Implementation of WAN Technologies (ISDN, Leased Lines, Frame Relay, MPLS & Broadband)
  • Designing VPN Solutions (Access VPN, Site-to-Site VPN,DMVPN, SSL VPN etc.)
  • Implementation of WLAN (IBSS, BSS, ESS, WDS systems), Point-to-point & Multipoint Bridging
  • Designing of Server Virtualization Solutions with Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESX/ESXi & Citrix XEN 
  • Data Center  Virtualization Solutions with Microsoft AD, Hyper-V & Systems Center VMM, DPM, OPManager
  • Data Center  Virtualization Solutions with VMware ESX/ESXi & vCenter (Virtual Center)
  • Designing & Architecting Storage Solutions with FC & iSCSI SAN, FCIP, FCoE, SCSI, DAS, NAS & RAID
  • Designing Customized Storage Arrays with JBOD, OPEN-E, OPEN Filer, Windows Storage Server 2008 & 2012
  • Storage LAN and WAN Replication Technologies Synchronous and Asynchronous
  • Designing IPTV & Content Delivery Networks (CDN) with Windows Media Services, Audio Video Codecs & encoders
  • Designing and Architecting Voice, Video & Wireless Solutions for an Enterprises & Campus Networks
  • Designing High Availability & Caching Solutions with Load Balancers, Microsoft Clusters & Storage Integration.
  • Designing Private Cloud Solutions with Microsoft Virtualization Solutions with Systems Center
  • Designing Modern Data Center Infrastructures with Cisco Nexus 7000, 5000, 2000 & 1000v, CSR & vASA.
  • Designing Data Center Switching Solutions with Nexus Technologies like OTV, VPC’s, FLEX, Fabric Path etc.
  • Designing Network and Data Center management solutions for Power and remote management
  • Designing IPv6 Routing infrastructure for Enterprise, Campus and SMB Networks.
  • Designing Auto Resilient & Redundant Microsoft Cluster with multitier applications

Watch Videos by IT Experts for Learning

Watch Technology Videos on Modern Data Centers Technologies like Networking, Storage, Systems, Virtualization & Security, includes various components of Data Centers like Connectivity, Servers, Storage, Routers, Switches, Hypervisors, and Firewalls etc. We have Created this Channel “itexpertvideos” on you tube by collecting the you tube videos uploaded by IT Experts on Technologies & their respective vendors.  Our Purpose is to share the knowledgebase available on Internet to create the awareness in viewers so that they can understand the technologies. We are thankful to all Venders & IT Experts who uploaded the videos on You Tube. On Their behalf only we are uploading these videos.

Labs where I impart training

I have my own Lab e equipped with latest Hardware. It Includes 25+ Cisco 2821, 2811, 1841, 1812   Routers, 6 Cisco3750 L3 Switches, 4 Cisco 3560 L3 Switches, 2 Cisco ASA 5510, 8 Servers with 32 GB RAM, 20 Nodes with 8 to 16 GB RAM. Fortinet & Cyber Roam UTM, Ruckus Wireless etc. I spent my maximum time in upgrading on New IT Technologies, Imparting Training & Workshops on Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking in Colleges and Corporate.


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